We advise all guests who may be traveling with a dog to research the area before your trip.  The Eastern High Sierras is a beautiful area to include your dog.  We are close to many locations for hiking, biking, fishing, and more where your dog may be a great addition. However, there are a few places that do NOT allow dogs as well.  Whatever your plans may be, we always recommend you be prepared before traveling to a new area with your dog.  

Guests who wish to bring a dog during their travels 
are welcome to do so at our motel. 

  • All of our rooms are dog friendly. 

  • We have a 4 dog maximum.

  • We charge a pet fee + tax each night in addition to our room rate.  Our pet fee depends on how many dogs in the room. 

    • A $15.00 pet fee (per day) is required of any guest bringing 1 or 2 dogs. 

    • A $25.00 pet fee (per day) is required of any guest bringing 3 or 4 dogs.

  •  Dogs must be declared during the reservation process or upon check in.  We require all guests to complete our Pet Policy Agreement Form upon check in.  This is to ensure that all guests traveling with pets understand our policies during their stay. Please review the Agreement below to assist in your decision on whether our property meets you and your dog's needs. 

  • Unfortunately we do NOT allow any other animals on our property. This includes cats, birds, etc. If guest arrives with an animal(s) that are not permitted on our property, guest's reservation will be cancelled and will be required to find other lodging on their own. If a prohibited animal is discovered in our rooms/property, a $100.00 fine will be charged to the credit card provided at check in/booking process. Guests will be asked to leave and no refunds will be provided.

Pet Policy Agreement

As a guest of Murphey’s Motel, I agree to abide by the following policies with my pet:

  1. Dogs must be leashed at all times on our property. 
  2. Dogs cannot be left alone in our rooms or on our property at any time, whether they are in a kennel or not. When you leave the room the dog must leave with you.
  3. Dogs cannot be left unattended in vehicles in our parking lot for extended amounts of time or overnight. This is due to possibility of barking which may disturb other guests on the property.
  4. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after dogs in our common areas. (Please be respectful to our property and other guests)
  5. Our pet fee depends on how many dogs in the room. For guests with 1 or 2 dogs, we charge a $15.00 pet fee each night on top of the room rate. For guests with 3 or 4 dogs, a $25.00 pet fee each night will be added to the room rate. This fee is to allow a pet to be in our room.  It is NOT a deposit and does not cover extra or extensive cleaning costs by pets in our rooms. Maximum amount of pets in our rooms is 4 dogs.
  6. We reserve the right to charge the credit card on file for any damage observed in our motel room upon check out. This includes: deep cleaning (due to pet stains and odors) and property damage. If there is severe damage or deep cleaning caused by your dog, we also reserve the right to charge an additional nights stay. This is in the event that damages are so severe; we are unable to rent the room to a new guest. Charges will be assessed depending on the severity of damage or cleaning needed.


Failure to abide by our policies can result in eviction from property, depending on concerns. If evicted from our property, no refunds will be provided.


Guest Signature:

Name (Printed):                             Date:

# of Pets Declared:                        Pet Fee:


****All dogs must be declared upon check in. If dogs are NOT declared and discovered after check in a $50.00 fee per dog will be charged to the card on file. If this is refused you will be asked to vacate our property and there will be no refunds****

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